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Reminder:  When signing your landscape maintenance contracts for the Spring, please ensure that your landscape provider is using phosphorus-free fertilizers. Rainwater runoff containing Phosphorus causes adverse and irreversible effects to our lake and ponds.


Doubletree Residents,


The lake biologists that treat our lake have recently discovered Cyanobacteria (Blue Green Algae) that has bloomed. It is present from the most western no-wake buoy near the tunnel to the back bay west of the tunnel.  According to the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, humans and pets should not swim or drink the water in those areas.  You should avoid direct contact with the algae and shower with warm soapy water after swimming, wading or skiing when near a bloom.  Please see the link below for more information from the DNR on Cyanobacteria.

More details:

—due to the unusually heavy rains most lakes are having blue green algae issues

—the blooms should go away on its own

—if you see a bloom, see pictures, (looks like pea soup or paint) avoid swimming in those areas. The lake biologists this week noticed it is near the tunnel and in the back bay west of the tunnel. 

—swimming is safe in areas of the lake that don’t have blooms

—boating and fishing is still allowed throughout the lake

—please note the other advisory info from the DNR through their link

Typical images of what blue/green algae looks like…

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